Studying Tips

Since the school year has officially began for many of us, we thought it would be helpful to share a few studying tips to help you in your studies.

Do not study on your bed

Our brains associate our beds with sleep. If we begin to study on our beds you  may find yourself becoming to get really tired. Some may even fall asleep and work cannot get accomplished. Have a designated studying area so that you will be able to focus and not feel so tired while studying.

Remove all distractions

Unless you need your cell phone in order to complete your studies, remove yourself from any and all distractions. This includes being near TVs, cell phones, tablets, radios, other individuals that you know you will not be able to concentrate when around them. When studying you want to be in an environment that will let you concentrate on your task and increase retention.

Listen to classical music

If you are someone who does need a little background noise to study. Listening to classical music is beneficial while studying. Don’t listen to music in which a lot of speech in involved because that is when one may become distracted singing along to favorite songs.

Study in groups

In the future depending on what field anyone is interested in entering, there will be involvement of teamwork. Get to know people from classes and form study groups to help each other study. This is  a great way to study because it is input from several other people, and some of the information they share can be validation or new information you have not thought about previously to include into an answer.

What are a few things that you do to help you study?