Ways to De-stress

It is hard to think clearly in times of stress. Whether it be at school, work, or home environment it is important to remain calm.

Here are some ways to de-stress if you ever need to.

Practice Breathing Exercises

If you are ever in a moment f stress, just take 1 or 2 minutes to focus on your breath. Push worries and allow yourself to refocus.

Go for a walk

If time allows it, during a break go out for a small walk to help release some energy.

Pet a dog

Believe it or not petting animals (if you are not allergic) can be very beneficial. Petting our furry friends increase levels of Oxycontin!

Go out in Nature

On your next day off or free weekend go for a hike and spend some time in nature.


There are many other ways one can de-stress, but these were a few interesting ones to share.

How do you de-stress?