Book of the Month

A good book I recently read and would recommend you to read (especially if you like YA and Historical Fiction) is Enchantée by Gita Trelease.

This book is a Historical Fiction that takes place in France 1789 shortly before the French Revolution. The story follows Camille Durbonne who was born a magician. She works hard to provide for her younger sister Sofia after their parents died of small pox. After the death of their parents obtaining income is difficult and their older brother spends all their money on drinking and gambling. After having enough of her brothers antics Camille kicks out her brother but was unsuccessful as he took everything of value including money for rent .

Camille is forced to rely more heavily on her magic and dark magic to go the castles of Versailles. Here she gambles using magic in attempt to make a better life for herself and her sister. Camille becomes addicted to the life of gambling, high society and struggles to maintain two identities especially when conflict arises with her love interest. There are consequences for using magic which puts Camille in a life threatening situation. 

This is a good book and I definitely would recommend anyone to read it especially if they like this genre.

(There will be a sequel of the book coming out in 2020!!!)