Supporters contribute to Ark Homes Foster Family Agency by aiding with much needed goods which help us continue with our mission of improving children's lives.  Ark Homes FFA is grateful to all of our supporters who have been an important part in our agency throughout the years. 

Ark Homes strives to meet the needs of the foster children and foster parents we serve. As a non-profit organization we invest in programs that can help our foster children and their families. We provide several events per year which allows interaction between the foster families these include dinners, lunch-ins, picnics, Christmas and other holiday parties. 

Ark Homes FFA works on continuous fundraising which helps in developing programs that help contribute clothing, extra-curricular activities, school supplies and many other needs for our foster families. 


Here are a few of the events Ark Homes provides thanks to our Sponsors:


Every year Ark Homes FFA is provided with tickets to a Los Angeles Lakers Season games! We offer our foster children tickets to this event, along with a few of Ark Homes’ social workers and foster parents who chaperone the event. It is always an amazing experience for our foster children who have never attended a professional sporting event!


Ark Homes feels that it is necessary to provide our children with a sufficient amount of stationary and supplies so they can succeed in their education.

The some of the supplies given to the foster children consist of backpacks, pens, pencils, notebooks, and much more! Every year we do our best to fundraise and provide our foster children with a sufficient amount of school supplies.


Technology has become a key tool in our world today. Ark Homes has recognized that many of our foster children do not have computers, laptops, printers, etc. That is why we are currently working on developing a “Learning Resource Center” which will provide computers, computer programs, printers, and internet access for our foster children to utilize during working hours.

Desktop Computer

We would like to thank the following supporters for making numerous contributions:

  • YourCause, LLC Trustee for Edison International

  • The TJX Companies, Inc

  • Bob Aguilar

  • Walmart,Inc

  • CBE Office Solutions

  • Desiree Campos

  • MyStuff Bags Foundation

  • SC Dental

  • Jaden and Jessica Yenjai

  • The Kruger Family

  • Ontario Reign

  • Duffy and Crystal Finlay

  • Margie Finlay

  • USS Midway Museum

  • Luke and Misty Heagney

  • Scandia Ontario

  • The Boomers! Irvine

  • Mike and Michelle Della Rocco

  • The Hollywood Wax Museum

  • Los Angeles Angels

  • Together We Rise

  • LA Lakers

  • The Gateway Foundation

  • The Living Desert Zoo

  • AMC Theatres

  • Children's Foundation of America

  • Chelsea Kruger

  • Kimberly Delgado

  • Sparks of Love

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain

  • Rotary Club of Rancho Cucamonga

You Too Can Become a Supporter

Ark Homes Foster Family Agency always welcomes new supporters who can help improve our community with their contributions! We are currently working on a Learning Resource Center which will provide computers, printers, and computer programs for our foster children.

If you would like to become a supporter of Ark Homes Foster Family Agency then please click here to visit the Donate Page.

If you are a company or organization looking to partner or work on specific programs, please fill out the form on the Contact Page.


We truly appreciate all the support!!!