Earthquake Readiness

After the two strong earthquakes that recently hit. It’s important to review what one should do during an earthquake and what to have prepared.

During an Earthquake

Drop down and take cover. It is important to protect your head, neck, and torso.

If you are in a car. Pull over and stop the vehicle. Make sure to avoid over passes and bridges.

If you are on your bed stay there, curl up, and cover your head and neck.

If you are inside stay where you are and avoid anything that can fall over and windows. Exit the when the shaking stops.

If you are in an open area try and stay clear of building, trees, telephone/electrical lines.

If you are in the wilderness go to an open area and stay clear of cliffs and be weary for landslides.

If you are at the beach once the shaking stops get to high ground or go inland immediately.

After an Earthquake

Note that aftershocks will follow.

Check your gas and water lines.

Stay Calm, move to a safe area and monitor the news.


Have an emergency plan, emergency kit, and take preventative measures!!


Stay Safe!